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May 19
2:15 PM
3:30 PM
Vehicle Design-1
A Critical Survey On Marsupial Robotic Teams for Environmental Monitoring of Water Bodies
Francisco Marques
The second generation of autonomous surface vehicles: optimizing performance for AUVs assistance at sea
Stefano Brizzolara
Project "V-FIDES": free flooded vehicle for deep sea exploration
Francesco Pacini
Water jetting arm optimal design consideration for a ROV trencher
Ji-Hong Li
Synthetic Aperture
Active Contour for Synthetic Aperture Sonar Snippet registration
Samantha Dugelay
Evaluation of Detection based on Statistics and Template Matching Classification on SAS AUV Data
Mattias Jonsson
A unified framework for multiple-input multiple-output and bistatic synthetic aperture sonar processing
Wen Xu
Passive synthetic aperture array to improve noise mapping of a moving ship
Benoit Oudompheng
Automatic Control-1
Control system for long-range survey hybrid-driven underwater glider
Sanming Song
Integrating Expert System CLIPS into DUNE for AUV Control
Torsten Teubler
A modular and scalable control architecture for navigation of autonomous underwater vehicles
Elias Revestido Herrero
Requirements and Design of Highly Accurate Position Control System for Underwater Visual Inspection
Hyun-Taek Choi
Coastal Radar-1
HF Radar Optimised for Tsunami Monitoring
Malcolm Heron
The Impact of Sea State on HF Surface-Wave Radar Ship Detection and Tracking Performance
Raffaele Grasso
Multi-sensor ISAR technique for translational motion estimation
Marta Bucciarelli
Variable Structure Interacting Multiple Model Algorithm for Ship Tracking Using HF Surface Wave Radar Data
Gemine Vivone
Numerical Modeling and Simulation
A Low Fidelity Mathematical Model of a Biomimetic AUV for Multi-Vehicle Coordination
Jonathan McColgan
Ship Efficiency Forecast based on Sensors Data Collection: Improving Numerical Models through Data Analytics.
Luca Oneto
Evaluating third generation wave spectral models performances in coastal areas. An application to Eastern Liguria
Ludovica Sartini
Three dimensional model, hydrodynamics analysis and motion simulation of an underwater glider
Junjun Cao
Realistic modeling of underwater ambient noise and its influence on spread-spectrum signals
Fernando Alvarez Franco
Remotely Operated Vehicles
Design Analysis of a Self Stabilizing Underwater Sub-Surface Inspection Robot Using Hydrodynamic Ground Effect
Sampriti Bhattacharyya
Small-size ROV launched from Underwater TV system for observation in Scientific Drillings
Tomoya Inoue
Positioning of Subsea Modules Using Automated ROV
Eirik Henriksen
A Potential Method for Underwater Charging
Frank Fan
May 19
2:15 PM
3:30 PM
Ocean Energy-1
Numerical modelling of control strategies and accumulator effect of a hydraulic power take-off system
Tim Verbrugghe
Long-Term Performance of Segmented Benthic Microbial Fuel Cells
Y. Meriah Arias-Thode
Experimental performance evaluation and validation of dynamical contact models of the Ocean Grazer
Antonis Vakis
Performance characteristics of the Energy Cat 3EC42 hydrokinetic turbine
Mohammad Shahsavarifard
Numerical modelling study of the effects of suspended aquaculture farms on tidal stream energy generation
Noreen O'Brien
Air/Sea Interaction
Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Maritime Operations: Challenges addressed in the scope of the SEAGULL project
Mario Monteiro Marques
Autonomous landing aboard a naval platform using an UAV based vision approach
Nuno Pessanha Santos
Wingsail Projects for Aerospace Engineering Capstone Design
Mark Anderson
Ocean data visualization, modeling, and information management
From Data to Decision: an overview of CMRE's information supply chain
Alessandro Berni
High-resolution, three-dimensional modeling of the circulation in the Gulf of La Spezia (Northwestern Mediterranean)
Lina Porciello
A modeling study on residence time in the Youngsan River Estuary, Korea
Chang-Woo Cho
O2A: A Generic Framework for Enabling the Flow of Sensor Observations to Archives and Publications
Roland Koppe
Proposal of a Biological Database to Research for the Fish Epinephelus Itajara
Sergio Pichorim
Modeling provenance in marine survey project
Mingtao Liu
Student Posters
Iterative Adaptive Approach to DOA Estimation With Acoustic Vector Sensors (141205-236)
Mr. Ashish Agarwal
Improved Range Estimation and Underwater Image Enhancement Under Turbidity by Opti-Acoustic Stereo Imaging (141205-245)
Mr. Mohammadreza Babaee
Creating 360° underwater virtual tours using an omnidirectional camera integrated in an AUV (141205-117)
Mr. Josep Bosch
Learning multiple strategies to perform a valve turning with underwater currents using an I-AUV (141205-243)
Mr. Arnau Carrera Viñas
Benchmarking using UWSim, Simurv and ROS: an autonomous free floating dredging intervention case study (141205-101)
Mr. Javier Pérez Soler
Swath bathymetric data fusion- Application to autonomous underwater vehicle (141205-036)
Mr. Ridha Fezzani
Active Sonar Systems in the Presence of Strong Direct Blast (141203-040)
Mr. Christopher Gianelli
Efficient Seafloor Classification and Cable Route Design using an AUV (141222-005)
Mr. Sheng-Wei Huang
Simultaneous Mapping and Planning for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in Unknown Environments (141205-042)
Mr. Guillem Vallicrosa
Bayesian source localization with uncertain Green's function (141205-043)
Mr. Yann Le Gall
High-Accuracy Low-Cost RTK-GPS for an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (141217-007)
Alfredo Martins
Low-Power Beamforming for Underwater Acoustic Sensing Using a 5-Element Circular Hydrophone Array (141204-072)
Mr. Graham McIntyre
A new way for underwater acoustic signal analysis: The morphological filtering (141204-050)
Mr. Ugo Moreaud
Modeling the Throughput of 1-persistent CSMA in Underwater Networks (141205-089)
Mr. Alain Olivier
Detection Improvement by Phase Study of the Analytical Cross-Correlation Signal (141216-002)
Mr. Benjamin Ollivier
Multibeam objec segmentation for underwater navigation correction (141205-203)
Mr. Albert Palomer
Multi-View Underwater 3D Reconstruction using a Stripe Laser Light and an Eye-in-Hand Camera (141205-076)
Mr. Antonio Peñalver Monfort
Potential of the intrinsic dimensionality for characterizing the seabed in the ATR context (141205-033)
Mr. Laurent Picard
Increasing Navigation Accuracy and Localization for Autonomous Gliders to Enable Persistent Autonomy (141220-001)
Mr. Andrew Stuntz
Robust Sparse Underwater Acoustic Channel Estimation Method Via Projected L1-L2 Optimization (141206-008)
Dr. Lingji Xu
Robust Heading Control and its Application to Ciscrea Underwater Vehicle (141204-059)
Mr. Rui Yang
Seafloor Image Compression Based on Hybrid Wavelets and Directional Filter Banks (141125-005)
Mr. Yang Zhang
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May 19
4:00 PM
5:15 PM
Vehicle Design-2
Design and development of polypropylene frame for remotely operated vehicle
M.A. Atmanand
Design and automation of an ocean-going autonomously acting USV
Martin Kurowski
Design of a Modular Propulsion System for MARTA AUV
Luca Pugi
Balance Parameters Calculation Method of Underwater Glider Based On BP Neural Network
Hua Yang
Array Signal Processing-1
Relationships among Vernier-method and other direction-of-arrival estimators
Christophe Sintes
Localization of underwater tone noise sources by a small aperture circular array
Lingji Xu
Properties of circular sparse arrays for underwater, broadband, high frequency source localization
Giancarlo Vettori
Robust passive diver detection in shallow ocean
Hari Vishnu
Automatic Control-2
ROS Multi-agent Structure for Autonomous Surface Vehicles
Giuseppe Conte
Development of a USV Station-Keeping Controller
Edoardo Sarda
Neural Dynamics and Sliding Mode Integration for the Guidance of Unmanned Surface Vehicles
Marco Bibuli
Coastal Radar-2
Calibration of the Effect of Sampling Jitter on Wind Direction Measurement from Platform-based HF Radar
Eric Gill
Extended Target Tracking Applied to X-band Marine Radar Data
Gemine Vivone
Realistic Extended Target Model for Track Before Detect in Maritime Surveillance
Borja Errasti-Alcala
Shadowing-Analysis-Based Wave Height Measurement from Ship-Borne X-Band Nautical Radar Images
Eric Gill
Information Management-1
Enabling Fault Recovery and Adaptation in Mine-Countermeasures Missions Using Ontologies
Georgios Papadimitriou
Enabling Central Access to Marine Data: Data Portal German Marine Research
Roland Koppe
Using SeaDataNet Management System to Preserve the XBT Data-set of the Mediterranean Sea
Leda Pecci
Harbor Protection-1
Autonomous networked anti-submarine warfare research and development at CMRE
Kevin Le Page
MIMO sonar systems for harbour surveillance
Yan Pailhas
Software-defined multiband array passive radar (SMARP) demonstrator: a Test and Evaluation perspective
Rocco Soleti
Towards Fully Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in ASW Scenarios: an Adaptive, Data Driven AUV Mission Management Layer
Gabriele Ferri
May 19
4:00 PM
5:15 PM
Ocean Energy-2
Short-term forecasting of zonal and meridional Wave Energy Flux in the Bay of Biscay using random forests
Agustín Ezcurra
Application and Effectiveness of a Portable Hydrodynamic Test Flume
Diego Cañedo
Yaw operation of a shrouded horizontal axis hydrokinetic turbine
Mohammad Shahsavarifard
Coastal impact of a hybrid marine farm operating close to the Sardinia Island
Florin Onea
Coastal Zone Management
Smart Port: exploiting renewable energy and storage potential of moored boats
Lorenzo Di Fresco
Correlation between coastal tides and the speed of commercial vessels
Karina Hjelmervik
Spectral structure of breaking waves and its possible influence on the transport of sediments in coastal zone
Sergey Kuznetsov
Marine environment, Oceanography, Optics, Imaging and E-M systems
Nonlinear Transformation of Waves Above Submerged Structures: Application to Coast Protection
Yana Saprykina
GUARD-1: an Autonomous System for Gelatinous Zooplankton Image-based Recognition
Simone Marini
Underwater Wireless Optical Communication Using a Directly Modulated Semiconductor Laser
Xinxing Gu
Distributed Underwater Glider Network with Consensus Kalman Filter for Environmental Field Estimation
Raffaele Grasso
Development of underwater acoustic backscatter and Doppler instruments from a small and versatile multi-frequency sonar board with software defined processing.
Frederic Jaffre
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May 19
5:15 PM
6:30 PM
Vehicle Design-3
Thrust depletion at high pulsation frequencies in underactuated, soft-bodied, pulsed-jet vehicles
Marcello Calisti
Underwater running on uneven terrain
Marcello Calisti
Automated Buoyancy Control System for a Remotely Operated Underwater Crawler
Stephen Wood
S3MAG - low magnetic noise AUV for multipurpose investigations
Luca Cocchi
Array Signal Processing-2
Neural Networks for the localization of biological and anthropogenic source at a neutrino deep sea telescope
Ludwig Houegnigan
Narrowband Detection of Underwater Acoustic Signal Under Noise Uncertainties
Sanjeev Gurugopinath
Sparsity-Driven Passive Tracking of Underwater Acoustic Sources
Paul Baxley
Automatic Control-3
Reducing Power Demand and Spikes in Dynamic Positioning: a Model Predictive Control Approach
Vincenzo Calabro'
Dynamics and Adaptive Fuzzy Turning Control of an Underwater Glider
Junjun Cao
Motion Control of Docking AUV in Currents
Shuangshuang Fan
Coastal Radar-3
Estimation of wave parameters from HF radar using different methodologies and compared with wave buoy measurements at the Wave Hub
Roberto Gomez
The ISMAR High Frequency Coastal Radar Network: monitoring surface currents for management of marine resources
Lorenzo Corgnati
Improving SeaSonde Radial Velocity Accuracy and Variance using Radial Metrics
Tony de Paolo
Improving the quality control and accuracy of HF radar currents
Lucy Wyatt
Information Management-2
In-situ Performance Analysis of Satellite Communication in the High North
Ørnulf Rødseth
An Advanced AIS Receiver using a Priori Information
Francisco Lázaro
Analysis of Capture and Multi-Packet Reception on the AIS Satellite System
Federico Clazzer
Harbor Protection-2
Dynamic coverage against asymmetric threats: a game theoretic approach
Simone Nardi
Underwater magnetometric detection of quasi-punctiform kinematic sources: from the metrology of the field to the metrology of the singularity.
Stefano Nasta
Sequential Detection of Fission Processes for Harbor Defense
James Candy
May 19
5:15 PM
6:30 PM
International Issue
Foreign scientific research vessels in waters under Portuguese sovereignty or jurisdiction
Jaime Silva
Power and Science in the context of the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf
Tiago Martins
"The Enigmatic Juridical Regime of Unmanned Maritime Systems"
Leonida Giunta
Undersea Commercial (Oil Gas) Specifications vs Undersea Milspec Specifications: Who Is Really Pushing Technology?
David Jenkins
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May 20
8:30 AM
9:45 AM
Vehicle Navigation-1
A Nonlinear Complementary Filter for Underwater Navigation using Inertial Measurements
Davide Fenucci
Design of an Obstacle Detection System for Marine Autonomous Vehicles
Andrea Sorbara
Trajectory Generation for Vessels using a Reachability Graph
Michael Blaich
Intelligent planning with performance assessment for Autonomous Surface Vehicles
Paolo Izzo
Ocean Noise-1
Measurements and analysis of underwater acoustic noise of fishing vessels
Jens Hovem
A Shipping Noise Prediction Tool
Cristiano Soares
Spectral analysis of the underwater acoustic noise radiated by ships with controllable pitch propellers
Federico Traverso
Education and Competitions Initiatives in Marine Robotics-1
The IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society (OES) and Promotion of Oceanic STEM Sport Competitions
James Collins
The World Robotic Sailing Championship, a competition to stimulate the development of autonomous sailboats
Fabrice Le Bars
The Singapore Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge (SAUVC) - An Effort to Engage and Expose Young Engineers to Challenges of Underwater Robotics
Venugopalan Pallayil
SeaPerch: How a start-up hands-on robotics activity grew into a national program
Vladimir Djapic
Passive Observing Sensors
OS-IS® A new method for the sea waves monitoring
Lorenzo Iafolla
Optical fibre hydrophones for navigation systems
Enrico Maccioni
Multiobjective Evolutionary Optimization of Quadratic Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Rules for Remote Bathymetry Estimation
Marco Cococcioni
Using GStreamer for acoustic signal processing in deployable sensor nodes
Roald Otnes
Marine Gis and data Fusion
Validation of the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Route Propagation Model in the Mediterranean Sea
Giuliana Pallotta
Mining Maritime Vessel Traffic: Promises, Challenges, Techniques
Luca Cazzanti
Proactive Marine Information System for Environmental Monitoring
Marco Tampucci
Optimization of surveillance vessel network planning in maritime command and control systems by fusing METOC & AIS vessel traffic information
Tommaso Fabbri
Autonomous Intervention-1
A Novel Tactile Sensor for Underwater Applications: Limits and Perspectives
Giovanni Gerardo Muscolo
Cooperation between Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Manipulations Systems with Minimal Information Exchange
Enrico Simetti
DexROV: enabling effective dexterous ROV operations in presence of communication latencies
Gianluca Antonelli
Virtual decomposition control for an underwater vehicle carrying a n-DoF manipulator
Cataldi Elisabetta
May 20
8:30 AM
9:45 AM
Off-shore Structures
Remote pipeline integrity assessment and flow assurance using wideband technology
Yan Pailhas
Machine Learning approach to corrosion assessment in subsea pipelines
Giulia De Masi
A Study for the restoration of a Platform Island Oil Terminal
Stefano Barberis
Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors-1
Automated micro Loop Flow Reactor technology to measure nutrients in coastal water: state of the art and field application
Luca Sanfilippo
A multi-Depth Sensorised micro Sampling System
Giacomo Saviozzi
Biofouling protection for optical sensor by electrolysis on conductive transparent coatings
Laurent Delauney
Autonomous, retrievable, deep sea microbial fuel cell
Kenneth Richter
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May 20
9:45 AM
11:00 AM
Vehicle Navigation-2
Observability analysis for single range localization
Daniela De Palma
A comparison between EKF-based and UKF-based navigation algorithms for AUVs localization
Riccardo Costanzi
Fusing Depth Measurement for Improvement of AHRS Based Attitude Estimation of an Underwater Vehicle
Nak Yong Ko
A practical path planning and navigation algorithm for an unmanned surface vehicle using the fast marching method
Yuanchang Liu
Ocean Noise-2
Monitoring Long Term Ocean Noise in European Waters
Thomas Folegot
Observations of Ambient Noises Induced by the Internal Solitary Waves on the Continental Slope of the Northern South China Sea
Yiing-Jang Yang
Modeling Colored Impulsive Noise by Markov Chains and Alpha-Stable Processes
Ahmed Mahmood
Education and Competitions Initiatives in Marine Robotics-2
"Breaking the Surface" - international interdisciplinary field-training for experts, end-users and students
Zoran Vukic
Metrics of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Student Competitions
Thomas Curtin
Evolution and Prospects of Underwater Robot Competition in Japan
Masakazu Arima
Boosting the Talent of New Generations of Marine Engineers Through Robotics Competitions in Realistic Environments: The SAUC-E and EuRathlon Experience
Gabriele Ferri
Holography and 3D Imaging
Structured Light System for Underwater Inspection Operations
Alfredo Martins
Low Cost Stereo System for Imaging and 3D Reconstruction of Underwater Organisms
Simone Marini
Towards an immersive and natural gesture controlled interface for intervention underwater robots
Javier Pérez Soler
Structured light and stereo vision for underwater 3D reconstruction
Miquel Massot-Campos
Wake measurement behind a loaded vertical axis hydrokinetic turbine (VAHT) in the field
Amir Hossein Birjandi
Hydrodynamics of Wave Forces on Coastal-Bridge Decks: Calculations by Euler's Equations versus Nonlinear Shallow-water Wave Equations
R. Ertekin
Lagrangian Coherent Structures deduced from HF radar measurements.
Francesco Enrile
A simple method for estimating wave refraction along weakly curvilinear coasts
Alejandro López-Ruiz
Autonomous Intervention-2
Motion Control of Underwater Robotic Arm using Calibration-Free Visual Servoing System
Akihiro Kawamura
An Underwater Stereo Vision System: from Design to Deployment and Dataset Acquisition
Dario Lodi Rizzini
On the Bandwidth of 6-axis Force/Torque Sensors for Underwater Applications
Gianluca Palli
Underwater Radio Frequency based localization and image transmission system, including specific compression techniques, for autonomous manipulation
Pedro Sanz Valero
3D-Belief Space Planning for underwater mobile grasping
Marco Bibuli
May 20
9:45 AM
11:00 AM
Off-shore Wind Power-1
Advanced CFD Analyses for Offshore Wind Power Installations
Volker Bertram
Actuation of Wind-Loading Torque on Vertical Axis Turbines at Model Scale
Elena Koukina
Noise Mitigation with Balloon Arrays during Pile Driving Activities in the Underwater Environment
Yu-Hang Wu
Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors-2
FP7-OCEAN-2013 - SCHeMA: integrated in Situ Chemical MApping Probes
Antonio Novellino
On Measuring and Processing of Ocean Turbulence from a Moored Instrument
Hua Yang
New cost-effective, interoperable sensors tested on existing ocean observing platforms in application of European directives
Alberto Ribotti
Wave energy converters, Remote sensing
Design of Wave Energy Converter (WEC): A prototype installed in Sicily
Vincenzo Di Dio
Adjustable Wave Chamber for Better Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting
Maura Sateriale
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Wave Energy Converter
Vincenzo Di Dio
Towards the implementation of a fully operational HF coastal radar network operated by Puertos del Estado
Pablo Lorente Jimenez
Azimuth Ambiguity Spatial Correlation Composit (ASCC): A Novel Method for Ghost Enhancement in SAR Images
Laura Gemme
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May 20
11:30 AM
12:45 PM
Vehicle Navigation-3
Multi-Robot Exploration with AUVs on Cliffs and other 3D Structures with a Predominant Orientation
Ravi Rathnam
Weather routing for a wind driven hybrid merchant vessel
Laura Walther
On the Development of a Framework for Underwater Localization Using All-Source Data
Alberico Menozzi
A Two-layered Fast Marching Path Planning Algorithm for an Unmanned Surface Vechicle Operating in a Dynamic Environment
Rui Song
Multi-target localization of Underwater Acoustic Sources based on Probabilistic Estimation of Direction Angle
Jinwoo Choi
Remote Sensing with Acoustic Networks
Undersea Remote Sensing With Acoustic Communications Waveforms
Melissa Meyer
Interference Suppression In Congested Undersea Environments
James McGee
Vessels Traffic Estimation through Image Processing applied to Acquisitions by Hydrophones
Andrea Petroni
Information Fusion in Networked Underwater Target Detection
Gangqiang Zhang
Adaptive Object Tracking in a Sensor Network
Adrian Lopez Rodriguez
Education and Competitions Initiatives in Marine Robotics-3
Remote Presence: Powerful Tool for Promotion, Education and Research in Marine Robotics
Edin Omerdic
Use of Ocean Related Challenges in Engineering Education
William Kirkwood
Team-based Workshop to Engage Young Students in Engineering and Science: Building and Driving a ROV (R2B2). Two especial editions in India.
Xavier Cufi
Indian National Student AUV Competition - A success story
Malayath Aravindakshan Atmanand
Airborne and satellite radar and SAR
Adaptive Threshold and Sub-look processing in Ship detection by SAR
Maria Daniela Graziano
Ocean Monitoring with SAR: An Overview
Daniele Riccio
An innovative low coast hydrokinetic site selection technique for cold climate regions
Amir Hossein Birjandi
Mobile Underwater Platforms For Automatic Surveillance of Wide Areas
In-situ acoustic received level measurements with glider based reactive behaviour
Yong-Min Jiang
Glider-based seabed characterization using natural-made ambient noise
Peter Nielsen
Adaptive Sampling Using Fleets of Underwater Gliders in the Presence of Fixed Buoys using a Constrained Clustering Algorithm
Marco Cococcioni
Passive acoustic surveillance of surface vessels using a tridimensional array on an underwater glider
Alessandra Tesei
Long Endurance Unmanned Marine Systems
Enhancing Autonomy: Fault Detection, Identification and Optimal Reaction for over-actuated AUVs
Simone Grechi
White Shark Strike on a Long-Range AUV in Monterey Bay
Brett Hobson
Experimental study of a flapping foil wave energy scavenging system onboard Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs)
James Bowker
Wind Feed-forward Control of a USV
Karl von Ellenrieder
Innovative Power System for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Thomas Lamberti
May 20
11:30 AM
12:45 PM
Off-shore Wind Power-2
Offshore wind power in the Mediterranean Sea using Blended Sea Winds
Takvor Soukissian
Shape dependent Wave Force and Bending Moment of Offshore Wind Substructure System
Youn-Ju Jeong
Assesment of the Wind Energy Potential in the Coastal Environment of Two Enclosed Seas
Florin Onea
Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors-3
From the seafloor to the sea surface: a technical solution for the cabled EMSO-SN1 observatory in the Western Ionian Sea
Stefania Sparnocchia
Sensor-driven glider data processing
Daniele Cecchi
NeXOS Smart Electronic Interface for Sensor Interoperability
Joaquin del Rio
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May 20
2:15 PM
3:30 PM
Vehicle Navigation-4
Using Underwater Ambient Sound to Localize Swarms of Underwater Vehicles
Jules Jaffe
Mission Integrated Collision Avoidance for USVs using Laser Range Finder
Steffen Köhler
Performance Verification of the Alternating Landmark Navigation by Multiple AUVs through Sea Experiments
Takumi Matsuda
Optimal Aided Inertial Navigation, augmented with Inter-sensors Self-Calibration
Francesco Di Corato
Classification and Pattern Recognition-1
Underwater Image Stitching based on SIFT and Wavelet Fusion
Rui Nian
System of detecting underwater threats in side scan sonar images
Yuma Matsuda
A Bayesian marine debris detector using existing hydrographic data products
Giuseppe Masetti
Online Data Summaries for Semantic Mapping and Anomaly Detection with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Jeffrey W. Kaeli
Systems and Observatories-1
EviNS: A Framework for Development of Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks and Positioning Systems
Oleksiy Kebkal
Ocean Observations Research Coordination Network
Jay Pearlman
A procedure to ensure a good quality of signals recorded by multidisciplinary seafloor observatories
Davide Embriaco
Autonomous Vehicles for Remote Sample Collection: Enabling Marine Research
Victoria Preston
FP7 AQUO/SONIC Project Workshop Dissemination-1
A method to predict underwater noise from cavitating propellers
Erica Firenze
Definition and results of test cases for shipping sound maps
Erwin Jansen
Variability of Underwater Radiated Ship Noise Measured Using Two Hydrophone Arrays
Victor Humphrey
Full scale measurement of underwater radiated noise from a coastal tanker
Jan Hallander
E-M Sensing in Marine Applications-1
AUV-Based Characterization of EMF Emissions from Submerged Power Cables
Manhar Dhanak
A Hybrid FVTD-PO Approach for the Characterization of Antennas on Large Platforms in Naval Applications
Andrea Randazzo
Innovative Antenna Arrays for Next Generation Radar Systems
Andrea Massa
Prediction of the Electromagnetic Interference due to Antenna Systems in Non-metallic Vessels
Fatih Üstüner
Naval Architecture-1
Investigation on the Effects of a Sailing Ship Motion by Tsunami
Shigeaki Shiotani
The optimal hybrid/electric ferry for the Liguria Natural Parks.
Marco Ferrando
Experimental investigation of air flow over helicopter platform of a polar icebreaker
Mostafa Rahimpour
Virtual Prototyping System for Maritime Crane Design and Operation Based on Functional Mock-up Interface
Yingguang Chu
May 20
2:15 PM
3:30 PM
Wave Energy Converters-1
Linear Sliding Wave Energy Converter
Donald DelBalzo
Robust Hierarchical Control Strategy for Heaving Wave Energy Converters
Addy Wahyudie
Wave Energy Resource Assessment and Recoverable Wave Energy in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands
Carlos Garcia
A Novel Double-sided Linear Generator for Wave Energy Conversion
Mihajlo Curcic
Ongoing Projects on Seabed Mining
Recent R&D Activities on Underwater Vehicles in Korea for Ocean Exploration and Observation
Pan-Mook Lee
Next-generation Technology for Ocean Resources Exploration (Zipangu-in-the-Ocean) Project in Japan
Tetsuro Urabe
Seafloor Massive Sulfide Deposits: Continuing Efforts Toward a Global Estimate of Seafloor Massive Sulfide Potential
Mark Hannington
Technologies being developed in India for utilization of Ocean resources
Malayath Aravindakshan Atmanand
An Introduction to the National Energy Program - Gas Hydrate Exploration in Taiwan
Chau-Chang Wang
Marine law, Policy, Management, and Education
Study on the Nuclear Power Plants Coastal Defense Against Extreme Sea Hazards Attacks
GuiLin Liu
Oceanography outreach and education in informal and non-formal learning environments
Silvia Merlino
"Blue Paths" and SeaCleaner: ensuring long-term commitment of citizens in environmental monitoring and scientific research.
Erika Mioni
Feeling the pulse of Public Perception of Science: does Research make our hearts beat faster?
Marina Locritani
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May 20
4:00 PM
5:15 PM
Vehicle Performances-1
Evaluation of Position Estimation of AUV Tri-TON 2 in Real Sea Experiments
Yoshiki Sato
Data Analysis of Simulated Hydrofoil Oscillations in a Steady Flow Field Using Intelligent Higher-Order Statistical Processing
Nikolas Xiros
The debut of Aeolus, the autonomous model sail boat of ETH Zurich
Marco Tranzatto
A Innovative Laterals Hydro Floating Tilting Systems Control for USV or Surface Nautical Vehicles.
Francesco Maria Raimondi
Classification and Pattern Recognition-2
Estimating the Prior Parameters of a Markov Random Field by Local Center-Encoding
Sanming Song
A hybrid recorded-synthetic sonar data set for validation of ASW classification algorithms
Dan Henrik Stender
On the Relationship Between SAS Image Resolution and Target-Detection Performance
Samantha Dugelay
Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transformation Based Sand Ripple Suppression
Rolf Klemm
Systems and Observatories-2
EMSO European Research Infrastructure: towards an integrated strategy for the observation of the seafloor and the water column
Paolo Favali
Temporal and spatial benthic data collection via mobile robots: present and future applications
Laurenz Thomsen
IOOS-CariCOOS:Past, present and future of a tropical coastal ocean observing system
Luis Aponte
FP7 AQUO/SONIC Project Workshop Dissemination-2
New European underwater noise measurement standard developed in the AQUO project.
Alfonso Moreno
Validation of a simulation tool for ship traffic noise
Tomaso Gaggero
Computational and experimental prediction of propeller cavitation noise
Frans-Hendrik Lafeber
Experimental Assessment of Underwater Radiated Sound of Different Ship Types
Erwin Jansen
E-M Sensing in Marine Applications-2
Electromagnetic Scattering Models for Ocean Remote Sensing: Overview and Guide to Use
Daniele Riccio
The First-Order Bistatic High Frequency Radar Scattering Cross Section of the Ocean Surface for the case of a Floating Platform
Eric Gill
A Radar Cross Section and Radar Performance Evaluation Tool for the Early Stage Ship Design (ESSD) Phase
Andrea Randazzo
Influence of Temperature on Signal Attenuation at Microwaves Frequencies Underwater
Jose Carlos Reyes Guerrero
Naval Architecture-2
Research on the hydrodynamic characteristic of a vertical axis propeller
Xinxing Gu
Application of Blue LED Irradiation to Antifouling of a Ship?s Bottom
Haruo Mimura
A method for evaluating the ship equilibrium point using 3D meshes developed for embedded device
Alessandro Zizzari
May 20
4:00 PM
5:15 PM
Wave Energy Converters-2
A two-way coupling CFD method to simulate the dynamics of a wave energy converter
Federico Gallizio
Off-shore Wave Energy Harvesting: A WEC-Microturbine System
Alberto Traverso
Wave energy exploitation in the Northern Thyrrenian Sea
Giovanni Besio
Hardware in the loop simulation of a dielectric elastomer generator for oscillating water column wave energy converters
Gastone Pietro Papini Rosati
Marine Safety and Security-1
Multi-purpose offshore platforms safety, security and environmental monitoring in the scope of the FP7 TROPOS Project
Daniel A. Real-Arce
METOC-driven Vessel Interdiction System (MVIS): Supporting decision making in Command and Control (C2) systems
Raul Vicen-Bueno
Ocean Surface Vehicles for Maritime Security Applications (The PERSEUS project)
Daniel A. Real-Arce
XBee Positioning System with Embedded Haptic Feedback for Dangerous Offshore Operations: a Preliminary Study
Filippo Sanfilippo
Ocean Vehicles
An Evaluation of Artificial Fiducial Markers In Underwater Environments
Diego Cesar
A closed-cycle hydrogen combustion engine for the AUV propulsion
Hyunjong Paik
Experiments of Real-time Data Transmission of Sonar Images from cruising UUV to distant support vessel via USV
Naoya Suzuki
Fault Tolerant Controller Design of Servo-valve Controlled Hydraulic Propulsion Systems
Sung Chul Jee
Microstructure Measurement Form an Underwater Glider: Motion Analysis and Experimental Results
Yang Weng
1 2 3 4 5 6   7 8 Poster room
May 20
5:15 PM
6:30 PM
Vehicle Performances-2
First sea trials of HROV the new hybrid vehicle developed by IFREMER
Lorenzo Brignone
Heading-control tests of an Underwater Glider
Kenichi Asakawa
DeepRuler: Design, Execute and Evaluate Path-following for Robotic Unmanned vehicLes and Experiment Repeatability
Andrea Ranieri
Sonar Signal Processing
Range, Velocity and Immersion Estimation of a Moving Target in a Water-Filled Tank with an Active Sonar System
Alexis Mours
Adaptive Algorithm for Combined Method of Conventional and Coherent Doppler Sonar
Peng Liu
Broadband Particle Filtering in a Noisy Littoral Ocean
James Candy
Multi-target bearing tracking with a single Acoustic Vector Sensor based on Multi-Bernoulli Filter
Ahmet Gunes
Systems and Observatories-3
European Marine Observation Data Network - EMODnet Physics
Antonio Novellino
The MEUST Deep Sea Cabled Observatory
Claude Vallee
Underwater vehicles for environmental management in coastal areas
Martin Ludvigsen
FP7 AQUO/SONIC Project Workshop Dissemination-3
Assessment of underwater radiated noise, cavitation and fuel efficiency for a chemical tanker - Influence of CPP control
Jan Hallander
Model scale investigation of the effect of different speed reduction strategies on cavitating propeller radiated noise
Michele Viviani
Mitigation measures for controlling the ship underwater radiated noise, in the scope of AQUO Project
Christian Audoly
Marine Geology and Geophysiscs
Improved capability, reliability and productivity for underwater geophysical mapping of unexploded ordnance
John Foley
Estimation of oceanographic profiles and climatological regions in the Barents Sea
Karina Hjelmervik
Development of an Underwater Gravity Measurement System Using Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Exploration of Seafloor Deposits
Masanao Shinohara
Vertical Cable Seismic Surveys for SMS exploration in Izena Cauldron, Okinawa-Trough
Eiichi Asakawa
Optical and Acoustic Mapping-1
On 3-D target reconstruction from multiple 2-D forward-scan sonar views
Shahriar Negahdaripour
Probabilistic reconstruction of color for species? classification underwater
Yuri Rzhanov
A low-cost pipeline for semi-real time underwater site study
David Scaradozzi
May 20
5:15 PM
6:30 PM
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication-1
Underwater acoustic modem with streaming video capabilities
Marcos Martins
Performance Evaluation of T-transform based OFDM in Underwater Acoustic Communications
Hengda Ding
Quadratic chirp modulation for underwater acoustic digital communications
Andres Carvallo Pecci
Code Rate Optimization for Energy Efficient Delay Constrained Underwater Acoustic Communications
Bruno Chang
Marine Safety and Security-2
Fishing Gear Recognition from VMS data to Identify Illegal Fishing Activities in Indonesia
DeAIS project: Detection of AIS spoofing and Resulting Risks
Cyril Ray
Spatio-temporal Data Mining for Maritime Situational Awareness
Virginia Fernandez Arguedas
1 2 3 4 5 6   7 8 Poster room
May 21
8:30 AM
9:45 AM
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles-1
Experiments in multi-vehicle operations: the Rapid Environmental Picture Atlantic exercise 2014
João Sousa
Networking and Cooperation of Multiple Marine Robots
Vladimir Djapic
Design of a Software Structure and a Mission Handler for Cooperative Marine Robots
Sebastian Eckstein
Communication and Collaboration of Heterogeneous Unmanned Systems Using the Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS) Standards
Michael Incze
Sound Propagation and Scattering-1
Time-Variant Acoustic Propagation Modelling for Coherent MIMO Transmission
Jean-Francois Bousquet
The Design of Measurement-Based Underwater Acoustic Channel Simulators Using the INLSA Algorithm
Meisam Naderi
a New Approach for Analyzing the Vibro-acoustic Characteristics of a Semi-submerged Cylindrical Shell
Peng Wang
Developing a model for horizontal array coherence in the presence of random linear internal waves
Daniel Rouseff
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication-2
SeaModem: a low cost underwater modem for shallow water communications
Alessandro Casavola
Experimental results of Delay-Tolerant Networking in underwater acoustic channel using Evologics modems built upon S2C technology
Veronika Kebkal
NEMO: An Architecture for Software Communications Research in the Maritime Domain
Arjan Vermeij
Underwater communications research and development at CMRE
Joao Alves
Optical and Acoustic Mapping-2
Optical mapping with the IFREMER's HROV - the MATISSE processing tool
Aurelien Arnaubec
Underwater Visual SLAM with Loop-Closure using Image-to-Image Link Recovery
Seonghun Hong
Piecewise planar underwater mosaicing
Benedetto Allotta
Current Measurement Technology
Performance of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Borne Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
Simó Cusí
In situ detection of CO2/CH4 dissolved in vent-associated bottom seawater at the CLAM and Iheya North hydrothermal vents area, Okinawa Trough
Qiannan Hu
Issues Affecting Current Meter Design
Albert Williams 3rd
The Design of Ocean Turbulence Measurement with a Moored Instrument
Hua Yang
FP7 CADDY Project Workshop Dissemination-1
Overview of the FP7 project: "CADDY - Cognitive Autonomous Diving Buddy"
Nikola Miskovic
AUV for Diver Assistance and Safety - Design and Implementation
Nikola Miskovic
Development of the "Seatrac" miniature acoustic modem and USBL positioning units for subsea robotics and diver applications
Jeffrey Neasham
Cooperative Control and Navigation in the scope of the EC CADDY Project
Antonio Pascoal
May 21
8:30 AM
9:45 AM
Off-shore Renewables-1
Modeling an Ocean Current Turbine System with Induction Generator and Power Electronic Control
Nikolas Xiros
Research on the heat transfer characteristics of a hydrothermal energy conversion system
Shuang-shuang Fan
Underwater energy harvesting system based on plucked-driven piezoelectrics
Joaquin del Rio
Research and Tests on Hydrodynamic Performance of a Seabed Seated Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbine
Shujie Wang
Persistent Ocean Monitoring-1
The Italian contribution to the EMSO Ligurian Sea node: the role of the Liguria Cluster of Marine Technologies
Luigi Grossi
A Innovative Monitoring Underwater Buoy Systems (MUnBuS) for Marine and Rivers installation with IR-Cam, Instrumental Telemetry and Acoustic Data Acquisition Capability.
Francesco Maria Raimondi
A shallow water AUV for benthic and water column observations
Andreas Marouchos
1 2 3 4 5 6   7 8 Poster room
May 21
9:45 AM
11:00 AM
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles-2
Dynamic placement of a constellation of surface buoys for enhanced underwater positioning
Andrea Munafo'
Adaptive Sampling and Collective Behaviour in a Small Team of AUVs for a Source Localization Problem
Mansoor Shaukat
AUV-Based Flushed and Buried Object Detection
Aneta Nikolovska
Cooperative Formation Control in the scope of the EC MORPH Project: Theory and Experiments
Antonio Pascoal
Sound Propagation and Scattering-2
Experimental demonstration of frequency warping to invert for array tilt and mode shape on a vertical array in a shallow arctic environment
Aaron Thode
Establishment of a robust Underwater Acoustic Repeater with applications in Underwater Acoustic Transmission and Detection
Chi-Fang Chen
Sound transmission loss correction due to hydrophone depth fluctuation with propagation model
Hangfang Zhao
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication-3
Assessment of Underwater Acoustic Channel during Payload Data Exchange with Hydro-Acoustic Modems of the S2C Series
Konstantin Kebkal
The Dynamic Compact Control Language Version 3
Toby Schneider
Sparse Channel Estimation and Equalization for Underwater Filtered Multitone Modulation
João Gomes
First in-field Experiments with a "Bilingual" Underwater Acoustic Modem supporting the JANUS Standard
Vladimir Djapic
Comparison of OFDM and Single Carrier Schemes for Doppler Tolerant Acoustic Communications
Toros Arikan
Marine Optics technology and Instrumentation
A Combined Acoustic and Optical Instrument for Industry Managed Fisheries Studies
Andreas Marouchos
Simulation of Multimodal Optical and Acoustic Communications in Underwater Networks
Filippo Campagnaro
Hybrid, short range, underwater data channel
Claudio Moriconi
Long and short-term beam spread by turbulence and optimization of the beam geometry
Mikhail Charnotskii
Oceanography-Physical, Geological, Chemical, Biological-1
Observation and regional model based Gulf Stream marine hydrokinetic energy resource estimates for North Carolina
Michael Muglia
Characterization of coastal upwelling events during the generation of the water column stratification in spring (Vilanova i la Geltrú, NW Mediterranean)
Joaquim del Rio
Numerical Simulation of Tidal Current Energy in Yangtze Estuary-Hangzhou Bay, China
Dan Li
Barents Sea Monitoring with a SeaExplorer Glider
Michael Field
FP7 CADDY Project Workshop Dissemination-2
Gesture-based Language for Underwater Diver-Robot Interaction
Davide Chiarella
Visual Diver Detection using Multi-Descriptor Nearest-Class-Mean Random Forests in the Context of Underwater Human Robot Interaction (HRI)
Arturo Gomez Chavez
Underwater Place Recognition in Noisy Stereo Data using Fab-Map with a Multimodal Vocabulary from 2D Texture and 3D Surface Descriptors
Tomasz Luczynski
A ROV for supporting the planned maintenance in underwater archaeological sites
Fabio Bruno
Cognitive Autonomous Diving Buddy (CADDY): AUV Design Requirements for Divers Safety
Salih Egi
May 21
9:45 AM
11:00 AM
Off-shore Renewables-2
Seasonality of wave prediction skills for supporting marine operations in an offshore wind farm
Gorka Pérez-Landa
DEEP GEN, a deep water hydro generator for moorings
Marco Bianucci
Acoustic Emission Health Monitoring of Marine Renewables - Illustration with a Wave Energy Converter in Falmouth Bay (UK)
Jodi Walsh
Persistent Ocean Monitoring-2
Communications relay and autonomous tracking applications for Wave Glider
Thomas O'Reilly
Using direct-touch interaction for the visual exploration of profiling sensor data
Thomas Ruth
A Data Assimilation Scheme to Improve the Wave Predictions in the Black Sea
Eugen Rusu
Ocean observing platforms, systems, and instrumentation
Psammite ? a Soil Characterization System for Environmental Analysis
Sergio Pichorim
Towards real-time quantification of seawater composition using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Takumi Sato
Integrated Approach for Ocean Observation System with Development, Implementation, Training and Education.
Sivadas Thangamuchi
Investigating the Mediterranean by seafloor observations: the Eastern branch of the EMSO Ligurian Sea node.
Marina Locritani
1 2 3 4 5 6   7 8 Poster room
May 21
11:30 AM
12:45 PM
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles-3
Autonomous & Adaptive Oceanographic Front Tracking On Board Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Stephanie Petillo
The European Project MORPH: Actual Results
Joerg Kalwa
The Widely scalable Mobile Underwater Sonar Technology (WiMUST) project: an overview
Giovanni Indiveri
Autonomy levels versus communication in an underwater environment
Knut Grythe
Sonar Imaging
Beamforming with Nonsinusoidal Signal for Grating Lobes Suppression in Underwater Acoustic Imaging
Hu Yang
Modeling 2-D forward-scan sonar imagery for diffuse reflectors
Shahriar Negahdaripour
Building High Resolution Maps of Large Subsea Areas using Side-Scan Sonar
Antoni Burguera
3D sub-bottom profiling - high resolution 3D imaging of shallow subsurface structures and buried objects
Martin Gutowski
Underwater 3D reconstruction using BlueView imaging sonar
Thomas Guerneve
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication-4
Improvement of Blind Multichannel Receivers for Underwater Acoustic Communications by Delay-Based Equalizer Initialization
Florian Schulz
How Smartphone Industry Made UComms Easier: Moore's Law Goes Underwater
Henry Dol
Performance of Micro-Modem PSK Signaling with a Mobile Transmitter During the 2010 MACE Experiment
Lee Freitag
On the Performance of Widely Linear SC-FDE Systems for Underwater Acoustic Communication
Bruno Chang
Imaging and Vision-1
Stereo SLAM for Robust Dense 3D Reconstruction of Underwater Environments
Francisco Bonin Font
Autonomous robotic exploration of coral reefs using a visual attention-driven strategy for detecting and tracking regions of interest
Angel Alejandro Maldonado Ramírez
Coastal Fog Detection Using Visual Sensing
Timothy Sullivan
Calibration Method for Underwater Visual Ground-Truth System
Alfredo Martins
A Ground-Based Vision System for UAV Tracking
Nuno Pessanha Santos
Oceanography-Physical, Geological, Chemical, Biological-2
Wave climate of the Black Sea: an analysis of the observed trends
Ruben Kosyan
Synthetic metocean time series generation for offshore design and operability based on multivariate Markov model
Giulia De Masi
Comparison of Finite Time Lyapunov Exponent and Mean Flow Energy during Two Contrasting Years in the Adriatic Sea
Saeed Hariri
A Relocatable EnKF Ocean Data Assimilation tool for heterogeneous observational networks
Silvia Falchetti
Marine Archaeology
An ASV for Coastal Underwater Archaeology the Pladypos survey of Caesarea Maritima, Israel
Nikola Miskovic
Virtual Environment as a Tool to Access the Marine Abysses
Marco Tampucci
Distributed Multi-AUV Cooperation Methods for Underwater Archaeology
Nikolaos Tsiogkas
Reinforcement Learning in a Behaviour-Based Control Architecture for Marine Archaeology
Gordon Frost
Electromechanical devices for supporting the restoration of underwater archaeological artefacts
Fabio Bruno
May 21
11:30 AM
12:45 PM
Off-shore Renewables-3
Deployment of Marine Current Energy in Indonesia
Ken Takagi
PLOCAN. An offshore test site for ocean energy converters
Ángel Luque
Multiple layer modelling approach to tidal turbine deployment.
Noreen O'Brien
Hydrography/Seafloor Mapping/Geodesy
Hybrid seafloor characterization using Multibeam Echosounder data
Anna Nora Tassetti
Seabed classification using a single beam echosounder
Roberta Ferretti
Underwater hyperspectral imaging (UHI) for environmental mapping and monitoring of seabed habitats
Jorgen Tegdan
1 2 3 4 5 6   7 8 Poster room
May 21
2:15 PM
3:30 PM
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles-4
Constraint-induced formation switching for adaptive environmental sampling
Stephanie Kemna
Heterogeneous robotic system for underwater oil spill survey
Zoran Vukic
Development of an autonomous buoy system for AUV
Junichi Kojima
3D Real-­time Tracking, Following and Imaging of White Sharks with an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Amy Kukulya
Continuous Active Sonar-1
Sub-band processing of continuous active sonar signals in shallow water
Stefan Murphy
High Duty Cycle (HDC) Sonar Processing Interval and Bandwidth Effects for the TREX'13 Dataset
Doug Grimmett
Real-time continuous active sonar processing
Gaetano Canepa
The Generalized Sinusoidal Frequency Modulated Waveform for Continuous Active Sonar
David Hague
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication-5
On the use of Information-Carrying based Route Protocol in real UWSN deployments with high traffic load
Arne Lie
Signal and Receiver Design for Low Power Acoustic Communications Using M-ary Orthogonal Code Keying
Benjamin Sherlock
Performance Analysis of Underwater Network Protocols within International Sea Trial
Michael Goetz
SecFUN: Security Framework for Underwater acoustic sensor Networks
Petrika Gjanci
Real­time clock synchronisation in underwater acoustic networks
Andrea Munafo'
Imaging and Vision-2
Underwater Stereo Calibration Utilizing Virtual Object Points
Tim Dolereit
Computer Vision in Underwater Environments: a Multiscale Graph Segmentation Approach
Dario Lodi Rizzini
Stabilization of an autonomous underwater vehicle relative to the bottom of the sea by the means of stereoscopic vision
Anton Tolstonogov
Real-Time Localization and Dense Mapping in Underwater Environments from a Monocular Sequence
Javier Civera
Underwater Image Segmentation via Dark Channel Prior and Multiscale Hierarchical Decomposition
Haiyong Zheng
Pollution Monitoring
Utilization of Vessel Automatic Identification System (AIS) to estimate the emission of air pollutant from Merchant Vessels in an Port Area
Ta-Kang Liu
An in-situ, real-time Hg monitoring device in deep waters
Giacomo Saviozzi
Catchment approach to passive sampling of Irish waters
Lisa Jones
Sensorized buoy for oil spill early detection
Marco Tampucci
FP7 ARROWS Project Workshop Dissemination
Design of a modular Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for archaeological investigations
Alessandro Ridolfi
An innovative Cleaning Tool for underwater soft cleaning operations
Baris Taner
Acoustic Data Analysis for Underwater Archaeological Sites Detection and Mapping by Means of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Marco Reggiannini
Facilitating Multi-AUV Collaboration for Marine Archaeology
Nikolaos Tsiogkas
May 21
2:15 PM
3:30 PM
SeaConditions: present and future sea conditions for safer navigation
Rita Lecci
Statistical method for Cyclone probabilistic assessment
Giulia De Masi
Global Climate Change: Analyzing Anthropogenic Warming and Causality
Adolf Stips
Comparison of two meteorological models using self-organizing maps
Hrvoje Kalinic
1 2 3 4 5 6   7 8 Poster room
May 21
4:00 PM
5:15 PM
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles-5
A Innovative Semi-Immergible USV (SI-USV) Drone for Marine and Lakes Operations with Instrumental Telemetry and Acoustic Data Acquisition Capability.
Francesco Maria Raimondi
The Project "V-FIDES": an innovative, multi purpose, autonomous underwater platform.
Giacomo Paoli
Investigation of the Improved SDRE Control Strategy of an AUV based on the optimum of the energy consumption
Lingwei Meng
hydrodynamic calculation and motion analysis of a flying wing underwater glider
Du Du
Continuous Active Sonar-2
Measurements of Signal Coherence for High and Low Duty Cycle Sonars in a Shallow Water Channel
Paul Hines
Extraction of Striations from Continuous Active Sonar (CAS) Data
Lisa Zurk
Application of gamma-fluctuating-intensity signal model to active sonar
Douglas Abraham
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication-6
Low-Complexity Subband Equalization of Mobile Underwater Acoustic Channels
Konstantinos Pelekanakis
Scheduling Algorithm with Transmission Power Control for Random Underwater Acoustic Networks
V Prasad Anjangi
Capacity-Achieving Input for Parametric Underwater Communications
Karsten Wiedmann
A novel acoustic test bench for evaluating underwater acoustic modems by numerical real-time simulation of the acoustic channel
Arzelie Patrick
Imaging and Vision-3
Visual Pose Estimation for Autonomous Inspection of Fish Pens
Jakob Schwendner
High resolution stereo imaging of sea waves for validation and optimization of nearshore dynamics modelling
Lorenzo Corgnati
Colour correction of underwater images
Julian Hoth
Polarimetric SAR Image Segmentation Based on Spatially Constrained Kernel Fuzzy C-Mean Clustering
Jun Wang
Marine Life and Ecosystems
Behaviour analysis of deep sea water discharged in a small port
Shigeru Tabeta
Marine Life Observation using Classification Algorithms on Ocean Surface Photographs
Frédéric Maussang
Blue whales (Balenoptera musculus) in the Canal Moraleda and Golfo Corcovado, Chile
Alessandro Bocconcelli
May 21
4:00 PM
5:15 PM
1 2 3 4 5 6   7 8 Poster room
May 21
5:15 PM
6:30 PM
May 21
5:15 PM
6:30 PM
1 2 3 4 5 6   7 8 Poster room